The Eagle and Serpent (1927)

The Eagle and the Serpent (1898) was revived for what appears to be one issue in 1927. It is a point of violent disagreement between the editors of Union of Egoists whether this single issue constitutes a true continuation of the journal begun in 1898, or if it constitutes a new journal using almost the same name (1927 is missing the “the” that 1898 has), in the spirit of the original and even with the approval of the original publisher. We have created a separate page here for the 1927 issue, even though it is a perpetually unsettled debate, because the Editor-in-Chief does most of the website stuff.

–Kevin I. Slaughter


Subtitle: A Quarterly Magazine Of Egoistic Philosophy And Sociology
Editor: Richard G. McKnight
Contributors: Robert Withington, Upton Sinclair, F.M. Wilkesbarr, Albert Schinz, Jim Tully, Joseph Peterson, John B. Watson, Hereward Carrington, A.E. Wiggam, Stanley Walker, John Erwin McCall (reprint), J.L. Walker, Malfew Seklew, Ragnar Redbeard
Other notes: Allen W. Alpern is listed as “Business Manager” and “Myra G. McKnight as Secretary”

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. McKnight. Labadie Collection, University of Michigan

The Eagle and Serpent | Vol. 1, No. 1 | February, 1927
Subtitle: A Quarterly Magazine Of Egoistic Philosophy And Sociology
edited by: Richard G. McKnight
published: Chicago
size: X x X | pages: 16 | price: Twenty-five Cents