Enemy Combatant (2015)

Enemy Combatant was a publishing collective that released a series of booklets and a small number of books beginning around 2015. The publisher and distributor Little Black Cart continues to stock and print titles from the catalog, and there may still be new issuances, but the venture is largely moribund of new work.

Enemy Combatant, as a project, appeared to be entirely offline. They only listed a physical address to communicate with them, and there were only a few outlets online that stocked their titles.

While this is not a “journal” in any formal sense, the project released a great number of fairly uniform booklets around a few central themes, egoism being a major subject. We have decided, much like we did with Libertarian Brodsides (1967) to make a page for them here in the journal section, as it is the most appropriate place we have, and we wanted to get this documentation online, however sparse. Because of the clandestine nature of Enemy Combatant, and the lack of a numbering system or other confirming documentation, the titles have been listed in alphabetical order, as opposed to order of release.

Our first goal was to compile as an authoritative list as possible of titles, and next will be filling out more bibliographic detail.

Table of Contents


Anarchy and Leftism: A Marriage Made in Mental Illness

“Anarchy is a Good Word…” | Eliphalet Kimball

Animal Liberation: Devastate to Liberate or Devastatingly Liberal?

Aphorisms Against Work | Len Bracken

At Daggers Drawn with the Existent | Anonymous

Boreal Crown, The | (on) Charles Fourier

Chiron the Centaur | Benjamin DeCasseres

Christianity: The Tenth Plague | Arnulf Øverland

Civilization: Its Cause and Cure | Edward Carpenter

Crimes of Perception – Various Authors

Critical Self-Theory | Jason McQuinn

Democracy / Creative Stupidity | Benjamin DeCasseres

Destroy All Monsters |

Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man, A | DeSade

Dionysian Vision of the World, The | Friedrich Nietzsche

Egoist Ecologies | Various Authors

Egoist Encyclopedia | Wolfi Landstreicher

Egoist Perspectives on Civilization |

Emanations of the Ego |

Expansive Individualism | Pierre Chardon

Extinguish the Old | A.L. & V.L. Gordin

For Life | Alexandra David-Néel

For Reactionaries Only | Jack Common

Harvest of Dead Elephants, The

Illegal Anarchism: The False Dichotomy

Illegalism | Paul Z. Simons

Ishi and the War Against Civilization | Chahta-Ima

Individualist Sensibility, The | Georges Palante

Infinite Variety / Writings By Individualist-Anarchist Women

Land of the Altruists, The | John Beverly Robinson

Leave Me Alone | Various Authors

Liber Nihil | Uncredited

Liberty of Egoism, The | E. Horn

Life Under the Death’s Head | Gabrielle Kuhn

Lived Poetry: Stirner, Anarchy, Subjectivity and the Art of Living | John Moore

Logic of Passions | Marquis de Sade

Men Disgust Me | Andre Lorulot

Mutual Utilization | Massimo Passamani

Neither Lord Nor Subject: Anarchism and Eastern Thought

New Nihilism | Peter Lamborn Wilson

Nihilism as Egoism | Keiji Nishitani

Old Calendarists, The / Tracts for Our Time | Wilson, Kelley, Pollack, et. al

Paradox of Redemptive Dynamite |

Rants of Feral Faun | Feral Faun

Rejecting the Reification of Revolt

Rent: An Injustice | I.R. Ybarra

Rewilding Witchcraft | Peter Gray

Riots and Potlatches | Neil Keating

Slaves to Duty | John Badcock, Jr.

Solar Economics | Len Bracken

Soul of Man Under Socialism, The | Oscar Wilde

Superior Mutants: A Manifesto

There Is No Free Society | Georges Palante

Too Much of Nothing: An Anthology of Anti-Economic Thought

Two Styles of Anti-Statist Subjectivity | Alejandro de Acosta

Universe: A Mirror of Itself, The | Peter Lamborn Wilson

View from Mount Suffering | Peter Wessel Zapffe

What is Society? | Various Authors


Tsuji Jun: Japanese Dadaist, Anarchist, Philosopher, Monk | Erana Jae Taylor

Semi Automatic Poetry | Wolfi Landstreicher

Corrosive Consciousness | Bellamy Fitzpatrick


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