Contributors is a volunteer project that has integrated many years of work and is producing a great deal of new work. The list below represents the past and current creators, translators and transcribers of the work currently on our website.


Kevin I. Slaughter, Editor-in-Chief, founder. – Co-editor of Der Geist. Also runs,, and publishes books through Underworld Amusements.

Trevor BlakeAssociate editor, co-founder. – Co-editor of Der Geist. Publishes through OVO127. He maintains George Walford International Essay Prize and, an independent resource on R. Buckminster Fuller.

Svein Olav NybergAdvisory editor – Formerly published Non Serviam (1992) and i-studies (2011) journal and Mathematician.

Individual Contributors

Daniel Davis, Contributor – Formerly maintained

Lawrence Stepelevich, Contributor –   Editor of The Owl of Minerva from 1977 to 1996, the journal of Hegel Society of America. Stepelevich is currently a professor emeritus at Villanova University.

Pól O’Sullivan,Contributor.

Larry Schiereck, Contributor – Author of Max Stirner’s Egoism and Nihilism.

Wendy McElroy, Contributor – Author of  a number of books on individual anarchism, libertarian and individualist feminist issues.

Institutional Contributors

Libertarian Microfiche Project/John Zube – though not an “active contributor”, Zube’s Libertarian Microfiche Publishing has provided UoE with an avalanche of material that was otherwise inaccessible or possibly even lost.

Labadie Collection – The Labadie Collection is part of the University of Michigan Special Collections Department. Thank you to the library staff there that have been incredibly helpful and for their preservation and promotion of that material.

Houghton Library, Harvard University – They have provided us with scans of incredibly rare research material.

Kate Sharpley Library – We have traded materials and recommend supporting their work!

Reference Books

Anarchist Periodicals in English Published in the United States (1833–1955) An Annotated Guide has been invaluable.

The Eagle and the Serpent Index of Names by Blake

The Individualist Anarchists by Brooks

Max Stirner Bibliography by Blake

Max Stirner’s Dialectical Egoism by Welsh

Men Against the State by James J. Martin


Other contributors, research assistants and partisans

Dustin Newman, Michael Brown, J. H., E.L., William Drake, Raul A., Andrew C., Dayan W., Ken Knudson, Bruce Clarke, Robert Carmonius, Peter H. Gilmore

Bibliothek der Freien (Library of the Free) and their Lidiap (Li st of di gitized a narchist p eriodicals)
They include links to our digitized egoist publications on their index.