Der Geist (2017)

Der Geist is the name of an English language digital blog and print journal reprinting and commenting on a century of egoist writing, focusing on the 100 years between 1845 – 1945. The journal is edited by Trevor Blake and co-edited and designed by Kevin I. Slaughter.

While the blog features news items and features a wider range of subject matter and time periods, updates about the website, short form ephemera and other items of long-term or transient interest, the print edition is more narrow in focus. Some of the work of Der Geist blog and journal is digital-first, some print-first, some digital exclusive, some print exclusive. The blog will feature contemporary news items when it is appropriate, but the journal will strictly be focused on figures, events and ideas from 1845-1945.


DER GEIST (Trevor Blake, editor) is an English-language journal for an international audience, publishing original scholarship on the philosophy of egoism. DER GEIST emphasizes the first century of egoism in print (from the 1845 publication of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum by Max Stirner to the end of 1945).  DER GEIST is the permanent record of, founded on 1 April 2016 by Kevin I. Slaughter and Trevor Blake. has published hundreds of pages of rare historic egoist texts and will be publishing thousands more. DER GEIST is descriptive (about), not prescriptive (advocating), of egoism.   Scholarly interest in the egoism of Stirner, Marsden, Redbeard, Seklew and their peers (including Benjamin DeCasseres) has a new and unique home in DER GEIST.


Subtitle: The Journal of Egoism 1845-1945
Editors: Trevor Blake & Kevin I. Slaughter
Subjects: Egoism between 1845 – 1945.

Index of Issues

Der Geist | Issue 1 | Winter 2017
size: 6×9″ | pages: 160 | price: $15

Introduction Trevor Blake 2
“I” Clarence Lee Swartz 5
A Brief Travelogue of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum Kevin I. Slaughter
An Ego Englished: Anglicizing Der Einzige Kevin I. Slaughter 14
I’ve Based My Cause ’Pon Nothing Max Stirner & H. J. Schirmer 19
Preface to Den Eneste Og Hans Ejendom Georg Brandes & Svein Olav Nyberg 22
Max Stirner Bibliography Addendum for 2017 Trevor Blake 27
Dora Marsden: Her Time, Her Life, Her Thoughts Trevor Blake 42
Dora Marsden and the Wrath of the Antis Trevor Blake 60
Vanoc II: The Strange Watchmaker Trevor Blake 63
Our Handbook: The Ego and Our Own Vanoc II 68
Self Love Maurice Cranston 72
Benjamin DeCasseres: A (Con)Founding Fortean Joshua Blu Buhs 74
Kept Benjamin DeCasseres 89
Max Stirner Benjamin DeCasseres 91
The Ego Malfew Seklew 98
Laughter Malfew Seklew 99
Gems of Thought Malfew Seklew 101
Unhatched Egos…  Malfew Seklew 103
Malfew Seklew, Street Fakir Warren Van Valkenburgh 107
The Superites Admit They Are the Best Extant Malfew Seklew 108
Malfew Seklew: Horse, Traps, Gigs, Landaus and Cabs Trevor Blake 109
The Sleeping and Singing Sirfessor Trevor Blake 110
The Dill Pickle Club: A Bright Spot In a Somber Town Trevor Blake 112
Du-Dil-Duk Trevor Blake 119
American Address: V. F. Gordon Trevor Blake 120
Egoists in the News Trevor Blake 121
“‘Individualism’ in the Mid-Nineteenth Century” David Westling 125
Fight Club 1914 Trevor Blake 127
Is Shakespeare Dead? Mark Twain 130
The Altruist Corner Trevor Blake 131
Egoists on Democracy Trevor Blake 139
First Photograph of Ragnar Redbeard Trevor Blake 147
A Unique Conversation Kevin I. Slaughter & Trevor Blake 150

Der Geist | Issue 2 | Winter 2018
size: 6×9″ | pages: 188 | price: $15

Introduction Trevor Blake 2
Benjamin DeCasseres (Section) 5
Detroit Jewish Chronicle 7
Hate Everlasting Benjamin DeCasseres 10
Tales of a Psychometric Reporter: How I Interviewed Bacchus Benjamin DeCasseres 12
The Fatal Smile 17
Max Stirner (Section) 19
The Worker and the Government 21
What is Good? What is Evil? James Walker 23
Good Reading to Sharpen Mental Teeth 24
Vanitas William Flygare 25
Max Stirner Bibliography Addendum 27
L’Unique et sa propriété Max Ernst 33
The Unique Individual 34
I’ve Based My Affairs on Nothing Malcolm Green 38
Anthony Ludovici (Section) 41
Anthony M. Ludovici’s Egoism Kevin I. Slaughter 43
The Choice of a Mate Anthony M. Ludovici 45
Dora Marsden (Section) 47
Dora Marsden’s England Trevor Blake 49
Casandra and the War 51
To the Great Name Trevor Blake 52
Egoist Advertisement in The Little Review 57
Anend the Decalogue 58
…the Power of Thought N.C. Chritcher 65
Malfew Seklew (Section) 67
The Rejection of Christianity Malfew Seklew 69
Mr. F. Wilkesbarre, Coster 71
Surfessor of Egoism, Introduction Trevor Blake 74
MS – Surfessor of Egoism 76
A New Way to Earn a Living 79
… from the Labor Annual 82
Perfumed Pigs 83
Stars in the Talking Marathon 84
Victor Grayson M.P. – Introduction Trevor Blake 86
Victor Grayson M.P. / A Rhapsody 89
Henry and Georgia Replogle & Egoism (1890) (Section) 93
Egoism’s Purpose and Whyfore 95
Minus the Communism 98
The “Selfish” Bauble 101
J. Wm. Lloyd (Section) 103
Personally Acquainted 105
Anarchist Socialism 106
Dill Pickle Club Spencella Wilkesbarre(Section) 113
Up an Alley to a Wild Place John Nichols Beffel 115
Dill Pickle Club Patricia Bronte 116
Angels of the Dill Pickle Club Trevor Blake 122
The Optimist’s Ego Andrea Proudfoot 125
The Eagle and The Serpent (1898) (Section) 127
A Volcano Has Burst Forth in England C. L. Swartz 129
A Difference of Words Only Tak Kak 130
A Dream of Beyond Volcano 131
A Unanimous Conviction Volcano 133
Advertisement from the Labor Annual 134
Marginalia 135
Friedrich Nietzsche (Section) 137
Nietzsche William Gordak 139
Nietzsche In T.P.’s Weekly 140
Free Spirits (Section) 147
The Sidney E. Parker Archives Kevin I. Slaughter 149
Three Poems Émile Armand 166
Laurance Labadie and His Critics Herbert Roseman 169
The Altruist Corner 171
From the Library Kevin I. Slaughter 180
Photo of George Schumm 185
Patreon Thanks 186
Errata 187
About the Editors 188



Der Geist | Issue 3 | Winter 2018
size: 6×9″ | pages: 188 | price: $15

Introduction | Trevor Blake 2



Der Geist | Issue 4 | Winter 2018
size: 6×9″ | pages: 188 | price: $15

Introduction Trevor Blake 2
Max Stirner / The Ego and His Own (Section)
Sacco and Vanzetti and Stirner The Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti 7
John Henry Mackay’s Appreciation of Stirner Thomas Common (trans.) 9
Biographisches über den Übersetzer Max Stirner 14
Byington to Schumm on Translating Einzige Steven Byington 16
The Prehistory of The Ego Clarence Swartz, Benjamin Tucker 18
Max Stirner James Huneker 22
The Individualist Anarchist and the Dictator Raoul Hausmann 28
Das Unnwahre Prinzip Unserer Erziehung  Verlag für freies Geistesleben 31
L’Unique et sa Propriété Reviewed Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale 32
Dora Marsden (Section)
Dora Marsden Portrait The American Review of Reviews 37
Dora Marsden, Feminism’s New Prophetess The American Review of Reviews 38
Sky-scapes and Goodwill Dora Marsden 43
Malfew Seklew (Section)
Le Sirfesseur en France Malfew Seklew 53
Malfew Seklew, No Guide for Anybody The Sunday Referee 55
A Freak Among Reformers Malfew Seklew 56
Friedrich Nietzsche (Section)
The New Sophist, Frederick Nietsche John Davidson 59
Nietzsche on Egoism Friedrich Nietzsche, George Schumm 66
Ragnar Redbeard (Section)
“The Philosophy Of Power,” A Previously Unknown Speech By Ragnar Redbeard Chicago Commons 71
Illustrations and Photographs of Ragnar Redbeard and His Audience 86
On Mr. Smith and His Shocking Speech Trevor Blake 89
The Legend of Mammon Castle Henry Lawson 93
Marginalia The New Age 95
Questions and Answers Manly P. Hall 97
Wilson’s Blogmanac on Australian Radicals Pip Wilson 99
A Book Destined to Challenge Sociologists The New Time 103
Redbeard vs. The Fool-Killer James Larkin Pearson 105
Might is Right, Unite! Unite! Covington Hall 111
The Flames of Freedom “Cataline” 113
Free Spirits (Section)
Photograph of John Beverly Robinson 117
I Am, the Great I Am Woodby Siantific 118
Henry George Benjamin DeCasseres 120
Self-Maintainless Self: Female Henry Replogle 135
Self-Entertainless Self: Male Henry Replogle 140
The Dil Pickle vs. the K.K.K.  Chicago Tribune 145
Foemina in Liberty Foemina 146
Editor’s Preface to Anarchism James J. Martin 156
Der individualistische anarchist (bibliography) – Union of Egoists 166
Stand Alone: The First Fifty Union of Egoists 169
A Thanks to Patrons Union of Egoists 171
About the Editors Union of Egoists 172



Der Geist | Issue 5 | Spring 2021
size: 6×9″ | pages: 206 | price: $15

Introduction Trevor Blake 2
Stephen T. Byington (Section) 3
A Proofreader Looks Back The Andover Townsman 5
Steven T. Byington Versus The Human Cutworm Steven T. Byington 7
Photograph of Steven T. Byington 8
Steven T. Byington Biographical Note Steven T. Byington 9
Steven T. Byington Select Bibliography Trevor Blake 11
Thomas Common (Section) 15
Thomas Common: Review, Survival of the Fittest Thomas Common 17
The Silent Isle: Finding the Gravesite of… Trevor Blake 24
Thomas Common Memorial Mary Common 25
Thomas Common Selected Bibliography Trevor Blake 32
Ragnar Redbeard (Section) 33
Introduction to Bertha’s Reflections Kevin I. Slaughter 35
Reflections on Arthur Desmond Bertha McNamara 36
Illustration from The Worker The Worker (Wagga, NSW) 37
On John Ploughman Trevor Blake 38
John Ploughman’s Letter Boston Guardian 42
Introduction to The Brutalitarian Trevor Blake 44
The Brutalitarian: A Journal… Henry Salt 46
The Brutalitarian Vol. 1 No. 1 53
The Brutalitarian: An Amazing New Periodical… Rollin Lynde Hartt 54
Lion’s Paw Banned Theodore Schroder 58
Confessions of an Anarchist Kevin I. Slaughter 59
Max Stirner/The Ego and His Own (Section) 61
Introduction to Rooum’s Eigenheit Trevor Blake 63
Eigenheit Max Stirner, translated by Donald Rooum 64
An Early Literary Portrait of Max Stirner Wilhelm Jordan 78
Dora Marsden (Section) 79
Brainy Beauties Colin Brooks 81
Dora Marsden Private Places 83
Dora Marsden, Lover of Freedom Dell Floyd 84
Malfew Seklew (Section) 85
Hobo Gives Ego Handout Daily News 87
Dan O’Brien, Social Supercrat… Various Authors 1928-1950 88
Introduction to “A Rhapsody on a Reality” Trevor Blake 92
Victor Grayson, M.P.: A Rhapsody on a Reality Malfew Seklew 94
What Women Ought to Know… Spencella Wilkesbarre 98
Stanley Simpoleon Says Seklew Stand-In  105
William Henry Powell and Malfew Seklew Trevor Blake and Christopher Draper 106
Malfew Seklew Poetic Beer Drinker The Express and Telegraph 110
Malfew Seklew, a Remarkable Character S. Fisher 112
Two from the Day Book The Day Book 114
Free Spirits (Section) 115
Photograph of Georgia Replogle & a Niece 117
Photograph of S. E. Parker 118
Denise Juin to S. E. Parker Denise Juin 119
Introduction to an Interview with S. E. Parker Pól O’Sullivan 121
Interview with S. E. Parker Tony Gibson 122
Sophie Lepel’s “Pig Eaters Challenge” Christopher Draper 140
Roseman on Labadie Herbert C. Roseman 144
Leedz Anarkyst: Greevz Fisher (1845-1931) Christopher Draper 145
The Truth about Nietzsche Holbrook Jackson 150
Index of Der Geist 157
From the Library of Union of Egoists 165
Index to The Lumberjack / Voice of the People 166
A Thank-You to Patrons 203
Select Titles Available… 204
About the Editors 206