Fragments (1963)

Fragments was a quarterly magazine dedicated to the promotion of individual freedom. The first issue of Fragments was published in 1963. From 1963 through 1967, Fragments appeared regularly four times a year. In 1968 publication was suspended, although one issue did appear in 1975 and another in 1979. In 1980-1981 publication was resumed, but several issues appeared months late, often with accompanying letters appealing for funds.

Most of Fragments’ editors and several of its contributors taught at the Henry George School, which educates people in the philosophy of Henry George. Founded in New York in 1932. Jack Schwartzman, chairman of the board of editors since the first issue, was an attorney, a former instructor at the Henry George School, and professor of English at Nassau Community College. Other founding editors were Frank Chodorov (d. 1966) a prominent libertarian theorist; George B. Bringmann (d. 1977), a poet, essayist; Herbert Shelley Good (d. 1967), a writer; Leonard F. Kleinfeld, an importer-exporter and in 1972 and 1973 president of the Henry David Thoreau Society; and Sydney Mayers, an attorney. Herbert C. Roseman, who taught English at Nassau Community College for a short while, joined the editorial board in 1967 and left in 1970. Oscar B. Johannsen, vice-president of the Henry George School and executive director of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, publisher of Henry George’s works, also joined the board of editors in 1967.

Fragments was known in libertarian, Georgist, and Thoreauvian circles during its time of publication. It provided an outlet for several libertarians to express an individualistic philosophy and to pay tribute to thinkers from Paine to Nock who championed liberty. In particular, it gave expression to the economic and political philosophy of Henry George. Fragments generally eschewed a discussion of current issues, dedicating itself instead to the revitalization of moral values and individual liberty.

(Adapted from an article by Marvin Perry)


The magazine seeks to promote a wider understanding and acceptance of the fact that as LIBERTY increases so does the life of each individual reach a greater merited fulfillment.

FRAGMENTS has no interest in partisan politics as such. but as a matter of principle it is opposed to authoritarian ideologies wherever these arise. The publishers and editors of FRAGMENTS believe it is unique in that it attempts to meet the special needs of reflective individuals who apply ethical principles in appraising the affairs of men and nations.


Editors:  Jack Schwartzman, Frank Chodorov, George B. Bringmann, Herbert Shelley Good, Leonard F. Kleinfeld and Sydney Mayers


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