Distinctively Dionysian (2018)

A new journal, which unquestionably is a strong contribution to egoist literature, and is heavy with historical sources.


Heretics, Free Spirits, Iconoclasts, Outlaws, Subverters, Incendiary Lovers, Rebels with dark laughter… Distinctively Dionysian is a periodical for the passionately deranged Individual who rejects the static and status quo. Published for the wicked, who, in their contempt, joyfully refuse complicity, mediocrity, and the socialized mindset. Reserved for the wild things, armed with desire, who despise the banality of *isms, identity, and all “causes” that dare to strip the individual of their freedom. DD belongs to those with a certain je ne sais quoi who refuse to be controlled or categorized. For the heretic who revels in pulling false idols down from their pedestal. For the daring and dangerous who have finally discovered in “sin” & “crime” the new spring from which the highest synthesis of life gushes. L’étranger in an Alien World declaring all authority — nay, society, and civilization itself! — the enemy ~ YOU, exuberantly countering Authority’s modus operandi and the herd in their puritanical moralism and collective slavery YOU, in your decadent and unique individuality: With endless devilry ~ this love letter is for you. The collected writings, images, and ideas within these pages are both a tribute and celebration, reserved for the devilish, self-owned insurgent who, perhaps, like me, finds themselves enraptured by the seductive charm of freedom.


Subtitle: “Life’s best defense is utter freedom. Desire is a potent weapon.” and “Not the Daughter but the Mother of Desire.”
Editor: Fíona

Index of Issues

Distinctively Dionysian | No. 1 | Autumn, 2018
edited by: Fíona