Invictus (1969)

Invictus was published and edited by L.A.Rollins from late1969 through 1973. Born during his attendance at California State College where he received his B.A. in philosophy. Invictus is an individualist and libertarian journal heavily influenced by Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. While it was published by the “Students of Objectivism” group,  it was frequently highly critical of it and the figures associated with it. The journal was also part of the Libertarian Press Association.

In addition to being the editor, Rollins was a frequent contributor early on, but later in the life of the journal his name appeared more infrequently.

Some of the other people associated with/published in Invictus (some in reprints): George H Smith (co-editor – author of Atheism: The Case Against God), Harry Elmer Barnes, Jeff Riggenbach, Wendy McElroy (Index of Liberty, egoist feminism, etc.) Michael Hoy (publisher, Loompanics Unlimited), Lysander Spooner, Murray N. Rothbard, John Zube, Pete McAlpine, Kerry Thornley, Tibor Machen.



(transcribed from issue 27, April-May 1973)

INVICTUS is a journal of individualist thought. Its ideological commitments are few but fundamental, INVICTUS favors reason and exploration as opposed to faith and dogma. It favors the pursuit of personal happiness in opposition to any claims of duty or demands for self-sacrifice. And it favors maximized individual freedom, in all areas of life, as the necessary means to the achievement of happiness. Within this context, INVICTUS provides a forum for presentation, interpretation, examination, and application of a variety of individualist ideas and viewpoints. INVICTUS is a catalyst for innovative thought. It is an arena for significant debate and discussion. And it is a center of intellectual controversy.