Featured here are Archivists, those who kept the black flame of egoism alive post-1945. will eventually provide capsule biographies and bibliographies for many of these archivists.

Our first proper Archivist is Agnes Ingles, who, beginning in 1924 and until the mid-50s, transformed the Labadie Collection into a real depository of Anarchist material, including a great deal of work by and about our Authors. Unfortunately by the time Benjamin Tucker left the United States in 1913, there was virtually no popular interest in individualist anarchism and Max Stirner until James J. Martin began reviving Tucker and his contemporaries writings in the 1970s. There were some lone voices promoting individualism by way of Stirner, such as Jo Labadie’s son Laurance Labadie, but Martin founded a publishing house, Ralph Myles, to focus on reprinting long unavailable texts, to make a push to revive it. In the UK, Sidney E. Parker was a one-man revival focusing more and more on JUST egoism. Eventually Mark A. Sullivan and Wendy McElroy began working on projects that reprinted or investigated the Stirnerites and his intellectual descendants. John Zube was creating a monster archive that saw a good deal of overlap with the Authors that make up our Union of Egoists. Svein Olav Nyberg from Norway focus solely on Egoism, as well as Dan Davis’ web project. In 2005 Shawn P. Wilbur began his ever evolving Libertarian Labyrinth project, born out of research he’d been doing for a few decades. There he gathers source materials and commentary on anarchist, mutualist, left-libertarian related history. Eventually Trevor Blake and Kevin I. Slaughter formed THIS Union of Egoists, and we’ve been trying to preserve and promote the work of those before us, and flush it out with our own original research.

There are notable individual books about egoists, but an Archivist (in our definition), had a sustained interest and work over a period of many years.

To be added:

  • Agnes Inglis (Labadie Collection)
  • Mark A. Sullivan
  • Apio Ludd
  • Wendy McElroy
  • John Zube (Libertarian Microfiche)
  • Laurance Labadie
  • Wm. Flygare