No Al Gregge (1965)

In a biographical sketch issued in Minus One (1963) we get a brief sketch of Martucci’s life and journal: “In (Martucci’s) wanderings around Italy he met Renzo Novatore (Ricieri Abele Ferrari , an anarchist individualist, poet and illegalist who was killed in 1922 in a battle with the police) and from then on devoted himself to the advocacy of anarchist individualism. He was imprisoned by the fascist regime and its democratic successors: He wrote several books, including Put Qltre (1947), La Bandiers dell’ Anticristo (1950) La Setta Rosse (1953, new edition 1969). From 1965 until the year before his death he issued his own paper, virtually written by himself. Each issue had a different title in order to evade the Italian printing laws. Several translations of his articles were published in Minus One (among them the notable “In Defence of Stirner”) and a biographical article on him by Stephen Marletta appeared in No.17, Jan-Feb.1967.”

Until I recieve proof otherwise, I’m listing No Al Gregge (1965) (trans. “Not Of the Flock” or “No to the Herd”) as the title of the first issue of that journal, and subsequent issues, regardless of the title, would be listed here.