“EGOISTS SHOULD READ” – Stand Alone No. 2

1845-1945, 1946-Today, News, Stand Alone / Friday, September 2nd, 2016
2016 Edition

“EGOISTS SHOULD READ” judged the Egoist journal The Eagle and The Serpent (1898) in the promotion of For Love and Money by Leighton Pagan.  Underworld Amusements has now printed this rare tract for the second installment of the Stand Alone (2016) journal, in a limited edition with a new introduction by Trevor Blake and end notes! Unavailable anywhere online, and certainly the only new edition since it was originally published by Wilson and Macmillan of London in 1898.

Leighton Pagan was the pseudonym of John Badcock Jr., more widely known for his work Slaves to Duty and contributions to Benjamin Tucker’s Liberty (1881) journal. Pagan was a public speaker and author with an egoist perspective on sex and relations. The topics he addressed and the groups he spoke to show a singular dedication to the individual’s wants (and wantonness) as supreme over society.

For Love and Money is a pamphlet collecting two published speeches by this strident individualist.

A review in the contemporary British journal The Adult said:

“Any who draw their portraits of free lovers from Artemus Ward’s delightful absurdities will regard the distinction of a free lover with a sense of humour as sufficiently unique, but in adding to this gift of writing wittily and luminously on the currency question, Mr. Pagan attains to the miraculous.”

1898 Edition

We see there a now wholly obscure reference to Abraham Lincoln’s favorite author (real name Charles F. Browne), who published a story Artemus Ward Among the Free Lovers in 1858.

The two sections of For Love and Money were advertised as follows:

1.— The Judgment of Paris—up to date, a lecture given before the Legitimation League, dealing in the most unconventional way with the vital questions of marriage and free love.
2.—The Money Famine, a reprint of an interesting article on the money question from the Free Review.

You can currently purchase Stand Alone Number 2 in the US through Underworld Amusements. Follow @DerGeistJournal for updates on this and more.

Also of interest is this contemporary advertisement for books offered for sale alongside For Love and Money. This advert was pulled from the June 1898 issue of “The University Magazine and Free Review”.


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