LMP Microfiche Fundraising – September 1st Update

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If you’d paid attention to the site you’ll have noticed a great deal of material has been pulled from the Libertarian Microfiche Project that was run by John Zube from 1978 to around 2012. Over the course of time Mr. Zube committed about 500,000 pages of libertarian, anarchist, free market and other related material to microfiche in a series he called Peace Plans.

Between my co-founder Trevor Blake, our good friend Dustin and myself we are ready to match donations dollar for dollar to go toward purchasing an entire set of microfiche and archival sleeves and archival storage boxes.

We need a total of  $2,000 to purchase the fiche and the archival supplies to properly store them. Beginning in August of 2016, all money donated to the UoE project will go just to the Libertarian Microfiche Publishing Peace Plans acquisition until it and the archival materials are all together in the Union of Egoists archive. The current total is displayed in ye cliche thermometer on the sidebar.


I have registered http://www.libertarianmicrofiche.com and resurrected the index to the Peace Plans from the grave of archive.org. To get an idea of the magnitude and importance of his work and the archive, spend a few minutes browsing the site.

As a bonus, we’ve integrated Wendy McElroy‘s “Comprehensive Index To Liberty: Not the Daughter But the Mother of Order 1881-1908” to the site in order to have results from that pop up in any searches.

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