“Laughter” by Malfew Seklew, from The Clarion (1932)

1845-1945, Journals, Malfew Seklew / Monday, August 29th, 2016

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Reproduced below is one of the known Seklew pieces.



as published in The Clarion | Vol. I – Nos. 9-10. | May-June 1934

‘One inch of joy surmounts of grief, a span:
Because to laugh is proper to the man.’

Laughter is the melody of mirth, and the harpsichord of Hedonism. Laughter is the combustion of humor and consciousness. Laughter is of different brands. There is the sweet laughter of a happy soul simmering in the sunshine of sound, and bubbling over with bliss and blessedness. There is the shorthand laughter of the sardonic soul easing the Ego from humours within. There is the sharp laugh of the serious soul surprised into sound in spite of self suppression. There is the laugh of the sexual soul seeking solace in sensation and social association. Laughter eases each Ego whatever its nuance be. Laughter is the life of humour and the death of humours. Blessed is the one who laughs freely and merrily for of such is the Kingdom of Hedon. Laughter lends lightness to life as sunshine lends light to darkness. Life without laughter would be as night without day. Laughter is enjoyment in excelsis. Laughter is the lava erupted from the volcano of wit into the crater of circumstance. Laughter is the great leveller, and unites all in a fellowship of joy. Envy and malice are forgotten in the irresistible impulse of laughter. Laughter is the life of joy and the joy of life. Laughter is the solstice of a smile; the meridian of mirth; the ellipse of ectasy: and the eclipse of ennui. Here’s to laughter, gay and glad; cheering the dull, and relieving the sad.

Laughter in youth the sign of a soul,
Bathed in sweetness and incipient wit;
In maturity, laughter is ever the toll.;
Of a soul still by happiness lit.

*  *  *  *

Passion is love on fire, while hate is the smoldering of love before bursting into passion. Love is a soul sensation which when outraged, denied, defied or defiled, turns to hate. Love and hate; the twin sisters of desire—the eternal energy of Egoism—the essence of creative evolution.
Love is the fermentation of feeling and fancy and divinity of desire.

*  *  *  *

From the amoeba seeking food, to some Saint Augustine crying that his soul is restless, until it rests with God, the driving force of life is desire—to find self-satisfaction—through selfish desire. The death of desire develops a desire for death. Desire is divine; selfishness is supreme.

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