“The Ego” by Malfew Seklew, from The Clarion (1932)

1845-1945, Journals, Malfew Seklew / Monday, September 5th, 2016

We have only a partial knowledge of the contents of the egoist influenced journal The Clarion, but sought out what we could because two of our main Union Members are featured: Malfew Seklew and Benjamin DeCasseres.

Reproduced below is one of the known Seklew pieces.



as published in The Clarion | Vol. II – No. 2. (14) | February-March 1934

An Ego is an Individual, an entity with an identity. He may be either a cipher or a character; a nonentity or a personality; an unconscious Ego, or a Conscious Egoist.

What is this thing called Myself?

What is an Ego? It is the essence of energy, the quintessence of all the vitalities registering themselves in the sensorium; a rendezvous for all the realities of Life; a depot of desire; a storeroom of sensation and an emporium of Enlightened Egoism.

The Conscious Ego, the I is the eye of evolution looking down the corridors of consciousness into the future, at the same time, seeking new sensations which may lead to new wisdom.

Ego Consciousness is the rule of reason measuring the motives of man.

You are the most important Ego in the word to yourself. You are somebody; yourself is sacred; every thing you do is done the best way you know how.

Every Conscious Ego can say:
I am, I am myself, I am I.

I am conscious of my present state with ability to differentiate, and separate the past from the present, and with power to mould the future in some degree.

I am conscious of continuity of existence. I am capable of testing the pulse of personality, and of recording the added consciousness of the Ego.

Increase your consciousness and you will increase the circumferences of your happiness.

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