Ragnar Redbeard (1859 – 1929)


Ragnar Redbeard lived one life under many names. Today his identity-of-birth is known, but as Nietzsche said: “I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?” And you – what have you done to overcome Ragnar Redbeard?

(NOTICE: A significant amount of new research has been done by the Union of Egoists, but unlike much of the work here it is being held for later release. Because details have been so hard to come by and confirm, we are being very careful about verifying as much as possible. 2018 will be a great year for Ragnar Redbeard.)


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Representative Quote

It is notorious, universally so, that the blackest falsehoods are ever decked out in the most brilliant and gorgeous regalia. Clearly, therefore it is the brave man's duty to regard all sacred things, all legal things, all constitutional things, all holy things, with more than usual suspicion.