Quotes | Redbeard

The law of love—the law of jus­tice—the law of brotherhood—the law of equality—the law of equal rates and taxes—the law of equal rights and privileges—all these high sound­ing things are nothing more than dreams. They don’t really exist They are only shadows of the mind. There is nothing substantial in them. They are Idols—strings of words, words, words on words. They never were truths and they never can be. They are against the very nature of things.

If one man smites you on the cheek, don’t turn the other soft and meek, but smash him back and lay him low, war for war, and woe for woe.

Everywhere it is the same—exactly the same. The gold is for him who CAN—for him who either plays the game victoriously or breaks it up vic­toriously.

You must develop a rebellious heart towards everything that oppresses you or keeps you down.

Now IS your chance
To bear you well—
Defeat is better pay—
And life is little else than hell
When man is old and grey.

Go to, develop your powers of resistance and aggression. Every man in our opinion should be a warrior. Each morning he should go out as a fighting man into a battle field.

Thus smith the Evil Teacher—the False One: “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesars; and unto God the things that are God’s.” But I say ‘unto you—KEEP YOUR MONEY.

It has been written:—
“Thou shall not kill.”
But I say unto you:—
“Be a warrior.”

“Truth is not mighty and It don’t prevail.”

The Jews by the grace of Jehovah were commanded to steal : but I say unto you—”Be not stolen from.”

“O some must watch and some must sleep, and some must perish slowly; and some must weep and some must reap, till all things go to glory.”


Heavy labor unfits a man for con­tention and strife, Hence it unfits him for success in life. It deadens, his mind and his will and takes all the surplus energy out of him.

Poison lurks in pastor preachments.
Satan works through golden rules;
Hell Is paved with law and Justice.
Christs were made to fetter fools.

The tendency of modern science. politics and religion is to reunite their forces—as in the days of long ago—for the complete and perpetual, mental, moral and physical subjugation of mankind. The scientist becomes the priest—pope— moral inquisitor.