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Third anniversary of UnionOfEgoists.com

The Union of Egoists project was announced to the public April 1st, 2016 with the release of Trevor Blake’s Max Stirner Bibliography. UnionOfEgoists.com is not an organization. We do not hold public events and you cannot join. But there have been public events, journals, books and more, with an intent to be ongoing that promoted […]

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Historical Work, Max Stirner

John Henry Mackay’s 1927 introduction to Der Einzige…

Readers should know that John Henry Mackay single-handedly saved Max Stirner from the dustbins of history, and part of that was writing the only book-length biography of Stirner titled Max Stirner: sein Leben und sein Werk (1898, 1910, 1914).  It was Hubert Kennedy who, in 2005, published the first and only translation of that biography as Max Stirner: […]

1946-Today, Laurance Labadie, Stand Alone

SA1060 | What is Man’s Destiny? | Laurance Labadie & Mark A. Sullivan

A beautiful facsimile made from high resolution scans of an original copy of the 1975 booklet. 17th issue of the egoist journal “Stand Alone”. What is Man’s Destiny? by Laurance Labadie introduction by Mark A. Sullivan 5.5″ x 8.5″, Saddle-stitched Limited to 66 copies. Order:  Underworld Amusements “All through history invasion, conquest, subjugation, enslavement and […]

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Featured here are Authors who wrote about egoism. Authors are exclusive to the years 1845 – 1945, Archivists come after. UnionOfEgoists.com will provide capsule biographies and bibliographies for each of our honored guests. In time, we  add images, quotes and criticism and other additional details. Return here often to see our growth! To be added: […]

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Der Individualistische Anarchist (1919)

Der individualistische Anarchist was edited and published by Benedict Lachmann (1878 – 1941). As a young man frequenting bohemian circles he met John Henry Mackay, who introduced him to the egoism of Max Stirner. Lachmann wrote Protagoras, Nietzsche, Stirner / ein Beitrag zur Philosophie des Individualismus und Egoismus (Protagoras – Nietzsche – Stirner […]

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Der Einzige (1998)

Published by Max Stirner Archiv Leipzig Prospectus Coming soon… Masthead Subtitle: Mir geht nichts über Mich! − Ich hab’ Mein’ Sach’ auf Nichts gestellt! Editors: Kurt W. Fleming Contributors: Subjects: Index of Issues 1998, Heft 1 Johann Caspar Schmidt, Curriculum vitae Rolf Engert, Bildnis – Biographische Skizze Rolf Engert, Egoismus, d. h. Ichheit Rolf […]

1845-1945, Book, Stand Alone

SA1023 | Egoism: The First Two Volumes 1890-1892 | Georgia & Henry Replogle

8th issue of the egoist journal Stand Alone (2016).   Egoism: The First Two Volumes 1890-1892 by Georgia & Henry Replogle (Author), Kevin I. Slaughter (Introduction) 212 pages, 8.5×11″, Perfect bound Amazon | Amazon UK | Underworld Amusements Amazon.CA | Amazon.DE | Amazon.FR Egoism was the first journal explicitly based on Egoist ideas in the English language, and […]