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1845-1945, 1946-Today, Book, Der Geist, En Marge, Historical Work, Housekeeping, News, Stand Alone / Monday, April 1st, 2019

The Union of Egoists project was announced to the public April 1st, 2016 with the release of Trevor Blake’s Max Stirner Bibliography. is not an organization. We do not hold public events and you cannot join. But there have been public events, journals, books and more, with an intent to be ongoing that promoted the individual over the collective, selfishness over altruism.

The project cycles through focus, but always produces new work, both online and in print. Today, as a thank you to our readers we are making available a rare item of interest to the history of Egoism. For those new to the project, the entire site if stilled with fascinating detail, but the page that features all the subjects to blog posts, sorted by year, is high recommended. We post at least once a week, every week.

Attached is a PDF of John Henry Mackay–The Unique, by K.H.Z. Solneman. Solneman was the pseudonym of the late Kurt Zube, and was published in 1978. While Mackay’s own autobiography has since been released, and subsequently gone out of print, we’re pleased to share this sketch with you. Mackay was a complicated man, but had it not been for him, undoubtedly none of us would probably know the name Stirner.

The Stand Alone journal is going strong and the next installment will be announced within a few days. Unfortrunately we haven’t kept up with the actual journal page here on UoE! We will have yet another significant year of releases, including a number of books.

Likewise, Der Geist issue number three is in the works and will be yet another significant compendium of new and historical materials. Every issue we learn more about our subject and about our workflow.

Also likewise, the second issue of The New En Marge is already in progress! It will be released in the Fall, but will contain a number of previously unseen items from the Sidney E. Parker Archives.

We are very appreciative of those supporting our work on Patreon. It is because of Patrons that we spent the money on the scanner used to produce the PDF being shared here. It will be the first of many items scanned and provided for free for research or pleasurable curiosity.

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