John Henry Mackay’s 1927 introduction to Der Einzige…

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Historical Work, Max Stirner / Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Readers should know that John Henry Mackay single-handedly saved Max Stirner from the dustbins of history, and part of that was writing the only book-length biography of Stirner titled Max Stirner: sein Leben und sein Werk (1898, 1910, 1914).  It was Hubert Kennedy who, in 2005, published the first and only translation of that biography as Max Stirner: His Life and His Work, available on

Hubert Kennedy, PhD, (born 1931) was Professor of Mathematics at Providence College (Rhode Island), where his research interest was the history of mathematics. He moved to San Francisco in 1986 to continue his historical research in the beginnings of the gay movement in Germany.

Mr. Kennedy also translated Mackay’s 1927 introduction to Der Einzige… and is gracious enough to allow the Union of Egoists to host it online, with his wonderful preface, on the new website


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