Max Stirner and the Anarchist Black Dragon

1946-Today, Max Stirner / Wednesday, March 9th, 2022
The Anarchist Black Dragon was a prisoner-produced periodical promoting anarchism. In these excerpts, the ABD mentions Max Stirner in a positive light. Source spelling retained.

by John Bosch and Carl Harp
Anarchist Black Dragon
Washington State Penitentiary
Number 8 (February 14 1981) page 15

The idea that terrorism results from the Capitalistic sickness(es) of individualism is false. Individualism is neither a sickness nor is it a result of Capitalism. The Capitalists might talk big about the right of a person to be an individual, but in actual practice they deny this right to anyone but themselves. Even amoung themselves, there are strict rules of behaviour that dictate just how for one may go in practicing it.

The only ones who actively pursue Individualism are the Egoists and other types of anarchist. The fundamental concepts of Anarchism are Individualism and related ideas. Max Stirner presented the idea in The Ego and Its Own. All other Anarchist theories revolve around this basic concept, that the individual has the right to dictate his own life.

Misdirected acts are a danger and a symptom (sometimes) of irresponsibility, but we must recognize the right of all people to use whatever weapons are available to them. Survival is often a rationale for using terrorism. Terror, properly used, is one of the best psycological weapons in any arsenal. Let no one disarm the people…

“Freedom You Want… “
Max Stirner
Anarchist Black Dragon
Washington State Penitentiary
Volume 1 Number 11 (circa March 1983)

Freedom you want, you want freedom. Why then do you higgle over a more or less? Freedom can only be the whole of freedom; a piece of freedom is not freedom. You despair of the possibility of obtaining the whole of freedom, freedom from everything, yes, you consider it insanity even to wish this? Well, then leave off chasing after the phantom, and spend your pains on something better than the unattainable Therefore turn to yourselves rather than to your gods or idols, Bring out from yourselves what is in you, bring it to the light, bring yourselves to revelation. How one acts only from himself, and asks after nothing further, the Christians have realized in the notion “God. ” He acts “as it pleases him.” And foolish man, who could do just so, is to act as it “pleases God” instead. If it is said that even God proceeds according to eternal laws, that too fits me, since I too cannot get out of my skin, but have my law in my whole nature, i.e. in myself.

If your efforts are ever to make freedom the issue, then exhaust freedom’s demands, Who is it that is to be come free? You, I, we. Free from what? From everything that is not you, not I, not we. I, therefore, am the kernel that is to be delivered from all wrappings and freed from all cramping shells. What is left when I have been freed from everything that is not I? Only I; nothing but I. But freedom has nothing to offer this I himself. As to what is now to hap pen further after I have become free, freedom is silent, as our governments, when the prisoner’s time is up, merely let him go, thrusting him out into abandorment.

The State has nothing to be more afraid of than the value of me, and no thing must it more carefully guard against than every occasion that offers itself to me for realizing value from myself. What a slave will do as soon as he has broken his fetters, one must await…

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