Enrico Arrigoni Bibliography

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What follows is a new bibliography of the English-language books by Enrico Arrigoni. We will later add capsule descriptions of the content of each book and publish a definitive version in an issue of Der Geist:A Journal of Egoism, 1845-1945 (2017).

Additions or corrections to this bibliography are welcome.

Because the publication dates aren’t known for all the books, they have been listed in alphabetical order.

Enrico Arrigoni Bibliography


Adventures in the Country of the Monoliths: or, The Country Where Liberty Has Been Buried
Arrigoni, Enrico
New York: Libertarian Book Club, 1981
Paperback. 269p., wraps, 5.5×8.25 inches

Canary yellow wraps, interior professionally typeset.
Libertarian Book Club on cover and title page. Address given for LBC as “Box 842, General Post Office”. No copyright statement or other information on verso of title page.
Back cover is blank.



Freedom: My Dream
Arrigoni, Enrico
New York: Libertarian Book Club, [198-?].
Paperback. 440p., wraps, 5.5×8.25 inches

Light green wraps, text typeset by typewriter ragged right. Very small margins, inconsistent text block height
Libertarian Book Club on spine and copyright page, though it lacks copyright statement.
Address for LBC given as “Now 339 Lafayette Street, Room 212”, implying a recent move.
Back cover is blank.


The Lunacy of the Superman and Other Plays
Arrigoni, Enrico
[No publisher information given], 1977
Paperback. [~600]p., wraps, 5.5×8.25 inches

Red lettering on pink wrap, “superman” in all caps.
Text on spine is bottom-up, in reverse of normal orientation.
Title page has an explicit statement that the book and contents are not copyrighted and “can be performed without permission or royalty payments.” It further states that the book was “distributed free”.
Below the table of contents is a statement that the book is printed on light yellow paper to prevent “bleed-through” on photocopies made for cast of a play.
10 plays printed, folio resets for each play. Interior typeset by typewriter.
Back cover is blank.


That Character Called God
Arrigoni, Enrico
[No publisher information given, no date of publication] Paperback. 180p., wraps, 5.5×8.25 inches

Red lettering on canary yellow wrap. No publisher information or publication date is given.
Title page states “No Copyright”. No content of verso of title page. No table of contents.
Professionally typeset in small point.
Back cover is blank.


The Totalitarian Nightmare
Arrigoni, Enrico
Foreword by Paul Avrich
Culver City: Western World Press
Paperback. 285p., wraps, 5.5×8.25 inches

White wraps. Inside front cover gives notices of corrections on last two pages. Table of contents.
Copyright page, found after Foreword, states “First Printing November 1975”. Further states “published without copyright.”

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