Henry Bool – Two Types: Patriot and Anarchist

1845-1945 / Monday, October 17th, 2016

Henry Bool, editor of “Liberty Luminants” collections mentioned in the previous post, can also be found in Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty, Volume 15, No 5.  Below you’ll find a short piece by Tucker, followed by a letter from a disgruntled “Patriot.”

As an additional note, the Labadie Collection contains correspondence of Henry Bool:

Consists of 7 outgoing and 344 incoming letters, largely from 1896-1903. Chiefly concerns Bool’s financial support of anarchists and their publications, especially Benjamin R. Tucker and Liberty, and Moses Harman and Lucifer, the light-bearer, distribution of literature, particularly Bool’s pamphlet Liberty Luminants, the philosophy and activities of anarchist friends and acquaintances, notably John W. Lloyd, as well as personal and business affairs.



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