LMP Microfiche Fundraising – October 1st Update

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Housekeeping, Libertarian Microfiche / Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

SEPTEMBER 1st: $80
SEPTEMBER DONATIONS: $15 + 50 + 24 = $89


Click the PayPal link in the  if you have enjoyed the content of this site. Read on to see where it’s going.

Thousands of rare books, journals and ephemera (including socialist, anarchist, libertarian and much more), many available in no other form, face an uncertain future. Between 1974 and 2012 John Zube of Australia committed a half million pages  to microfiche. Currently there is no copy of this irreplaceable archive on the American continents or Europe! I have arranged to purchase an entire set of the microfiche, and the archival materials to properly store them for only $2,000.

Your involvement will help purchase a complete set of John’s archive – nearly two thousand ‘fiches, each one containing up to hundreds of pages of text and graphics. I and a few others are each matching donations dollar for dollar, so that literally means the Union of Egoists only need to raise $1k from others interested in pitching in toward that goal.

If you’ve enjoyed reading/listening to the work being done at Union of Egoists, and have an interest in the ideas of Liberty from a radical perspective, sending a few bucks via PayPal is a simple way to “do something”.

The current total is displayed in ye olde cliche thermometer on the sidebar.


I have registered http://www.libertarianmicrofiche.com and resurrected the index to the Peace Plans from the grave of archive.org. To get an idea of the magnitude and importance of his work and the archive, spend a few minutes browsing the site.

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