The Occult Technology of Power – Stirner used for World Domination

1946-Today, Book, Max Stirner / Saturday, October 1st, 2016

occulttechbook-frontcover-09-15-2016-finalIn 1974 a programme was published that detailed the worldview of globalist elites who took Max Stiner’s philosophy seriously to guide them to take and retain power over the masses. First published Apline Industries in 1974, it was quickly picked up by Mike Hoy’s Loompanics (publisher of Ragnar Redbeard‘s Might is Right with S.E. Parker introduction) and then later by Noontide Press (publisher of Revisionist material), and now Underworld Amusements (run by editor-in-chief) copies have been scarce and generally demand $50+.

This booklet springs directly from the Stirner-revival happening in the late 60’s and into the early 70’s. When it was first published in English, Benjamin Tucker called The Ego and His Own both the “Anarchists’ Bible” and the “Billionaire’s Bible”:

Since that time the book has mostly been known as a sort of Bible for Individualist Anarchists and Egoists, two groups with heavy overlap. The Occult Technology of Power pulls Stiner from the grips of poor radicals and puts it into the hands of a cabal of the super powerful.

Not only is fraudulent bluff and bluster used to achieve dominance but fraudulent altruism and collective institutions are used to conceal dominance once achieved. Human hierarchies, in contrast to the animal variety, are best sustained when the members are deluded regarding the oppressive nature, or better, even the very existence of the hierarchy! –OTP

And if the reader was somehow skeptical of the tie in to Egoism, I offer a second quote that could have been pulled from any Stirner meme-laden shitposting:

However, in the current era, while minds are yet in the thrall of altruistic collectivistic, and divine moralistic spooks, the egoist’s rational course is to utilize such spooks to control others.  –OTP

Though flawed bootleg text files are all over the internet, this new edition is by and far the best designed and now has an appendix with two revelatory texts.





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