A partial index of L.A. Rollins “Invictus” journal….

1946-Today, Libertarian Microfiche / Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Previously I’d blogged about my discovery of L.A. Rollins Invictus journal. I tested out my home scanner and discovered it was good enough to make acceptable scans of the Peace Plans microfiche, but not as good as what is achieved at the University library I’ve used in the past. I was thrilled to see that many more issues were preserved on Libertarian Microfiche Peace Plans and I scanned John Zube’s meticulous index to post here.
You will probably have to click on the images to see a larger version, and unfortunately it isn’t the best quality, but it is the most information put online about the journal that I’m aware of, besides my previous post.


Some of the other people associated with/published in Invictus:
George H Smith (co-editor – author of Atheism: The case Against God)
Harry Elmer Barnes
Jeff Riggenbach (Listen to episode three of our podcast!)
Wendy McElroy (Index of Liberty, egoist feminism, and much more)
Michael Hoy (Loompanics Unlimited!)
Lysander Spooner
Murray N. Rothbard
John Zube
Pete McAlpine
Kerry Thornley

We are still raising funds to purchase an entire set of Libertarian Microfiche, to ensure that things like this don’t get lost forever.

peaceplans-invictusindex-01 peaceplans-invictusindex-02

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