i-studies and Non Serviam journals archived…

Apio Ludd, Housekeeping, i-studies, News / Monday, April 4th, 2016

MyOwnWe created the Journals main page to not only have a specific place to archive i-studies (2001), Non Serviam (1992) and a few other journals, but to at least begin to document other rare individualist anarchist and egoist journals. Where we aren’t hosting full archives, we at least would like to have a basic write-up and possibly a listing of the contents and contributors of the issues. UoE is missing the PDF of issue 24 of Non Serviam, contact us if you have a copy. One thing we will try to do is include the date of the first issue when we mention the title of a journal. While it may not be confusing to just refer to Modern Slavery without putting (2012) behind it, our study has uncovered THREE different journals titled The Egoist.

We have also begun integrating i-studies.com materials into other areas of the website, such as the Stirner images page.

All the while we still have work to clean up various pages and get some basic information. We have created a Social/Web page for some select links (though I’d like to use a different term than “social”, it’s the common way to refer to services like Facebook).

Your expertise could make UoE better. If you see an error, have new or more information on a page that you see, or otherwise have a suggestion or would like to assist in some way, please contact us.

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