Trevor Blake at Mother Foucault’s – UoE Podcast

/ Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

EP02-Pod1400x1400On May 1st of 2016 Trevor Blake and I took to the lectern at Mother Foucault’s bookstore in Portland Oregon. The event was to announce the release of Underworld Amusements’ The Outbursts of Everett True that featured an introduction by Trevor Blake and OVO’s Max Stirner Bibliography by Trevor Blake.

The entire event was recorded and I introduced Mr. Blake. Unfortunately I did a sound level check by having Trevor speak, and he is a very soft-spoken man. I, however, am not, and rendered my introduction unlistenable by blowing out the levels every other word. So what follows will be my in-studio reading of my introduction, followed by Trevor’s live on stage talk.

The UoE podcast will be posted sporadically as episodes are produced, and we expect them to consist of both archival and newly recorded material. If you know of any archival Egoist related audio material, or have any other suggestions or comments, please contact us.

The song you hear at the end is “Depth of my Ego” by Matt McGinn, “one of Scotland’s greatest song writers”. “Depth of My Ego” was “inspired by the ideas of Max Stirner as introduced to McGinn by ‘Bobby’ Lynn.” It is also on YouTube.

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