The Ego and His Own Podcast – Narrator’s Introduction and Preamble

/ Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Welcome to the introduction to a podcast reading of The Ego and His Own. This podcast is offered by, publishing the history of egoism in its first century.  Thousands of pages of text, images and recordings are available at no cost online, and a growing series of inexpensive – and expensive – rare works in reprint are also available.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Union of Egoists project is on Patreon.  Those who, of their own free will, socialize their selfishness and support our site, allow podcasts like this to be recorded.

The format:

In this introductory episode to The Ego and His Own, I will be reading the Preamble which is the visceral two and a half pages titled “All things are nothing to me.” I will release it again, as its own individual episode, in a week.  While this introductory episode contains background information, future episodes will be devoted solely to reading the text of The Ego and His Own.

Every other week I will release a podcast containing a new section of The Ego and His Own, and I challenge you to listen with a critical ear.  Do I mispronounce? Do I err? Read along with a complete free transcription at  Let me know now I can improve this recording by way of my website.  When the podcast is complete, a corrected reading will be released for free as an audiobook on the public domain audiobook site

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