Jeff Riggenbach reads Max Stirner and James J. Martin – UoE Podcast

/ Monday, March 12th, 2018

One of the greatest archivists of the Individualist Anarchist and Egoist tradition is James J. Martin, who, beginning with his book Men Against the State, and continuing with his Libertarian Broadsides booklets, and the books he published with the Libertarian Book Club of New York was instrumental in creating a revived an interest in writers like Benjamin R. Tucker, and Max Stirner. It is my opinion that the 1963 Libertarian Book Club edition is probably the second most important English language edition of Stirner’s Opus, possibly followed by either Apio Ludd’s new translation or the Cambridge edition.

Today I will be presenting something very few of you have heard, two selections from Jeff Riggenbach’s audiobook recording of The Ego and His Own. This was originally released on an audiocassette edition, by Laissez Fair Audio.  Comprising 10 tapes and released in 1994, I’m not aware of any subsequent release in any format since that time. I have produced this recording from a set of tapes donated to the Union of Egoists by Chip Smith, proprietor of Nine-Banded Books.

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