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Criticism will archive pieces about the work of a member of the Union of Egoists. Biographical sketches will be linked off of the Biography page for each member.

This Stirner page will probably be “under heavy construction” as we sort out what material we have from the various archives and how best to present it.



Until things are tidier, I recommend this as a starting point:

Max Stirner's Philosophy by Svein Olav Nyberg

Max Stirner's Egoism and Nihilism, by Larry Alan Schiereck (August, 1981, revised 1996 and 2015) [ABSTRACT] [PDF]


Max Stirner And The German Followers Of Proudhon by Ernst Viktor Zenker

The Free by Svein Olav Nyberg

The Union of Egoists by Svein Olav Nyberg

A Proposal for Freedom By Shirley F. Frederick.

Max Stirner by James Huneker

Max Stirner And The Heresy Of Self-Abundance by Maynard Whitlow. A General Semantics perspective on Stirner's philosophy.

Stirner and Marx by Alexander Green

Against Max Stirner: A Defence of Marxism’s Humanist Standpoint by Alastair Mcleish

The Egoism of Max Stirner by Sidney E. Parker

A Note on Stirner, Egoism, and Anarchism courtesy of Tracy Harms

Anarchism, Angst, and Max Stirner by Sidney E. Parker
A review of title The Ego and His Own: Selections from Max Stirner selected and introduced by John Carroll.
Published in Anarchy Magazine Number 7 (London: Express Printers 1977)

Stirner, the Individual & Anarchism by Conor McLoughlin
Published in Red & Black Revolution (number 6), an anarchist theory and history magazine produced in Ireland.

On Marx and Engels' Non-Critique of Stirner by Alfredo Bonanno
A translation of a brief passage from Alfredo Bonanno's book, Max Stirner.

An Immense, Reckless, Shameless, Conscienceless, Proud Crime by Wolfi Landstreicher
Stirner’s Demolition of the Sacred

Stirner: "The Ego and His Own", a review by Max Baginski
From Mother Earth, Vol. II, No. 3, May 1907, pp. 142-151.

On Revisiting "Saint Max" by Sidney Parker
The following essay originally appeared in S.E. Parker's journal Ego (1982), issue number 5, 1984.

Fifty Years Later by André Arru
IN FRENCH. The second text by André Arru on Stirner, written in 1988. While this is an English language website, I stumbled across this essay and copied it over in hopes one of our readers would produce a usable translation.

Stirner! by Laurance Labadie
"It is only on the idealistic plane that 'Society's' interest coincides with the respective interests of the individuals who compose it. Elemental use of one's intelligence suggests that on no other grounds can the course of history be understood."


Lawrence Stepelevich on Stirner and other Hegelians

The First Hegelians: an Introduction by Lawrence Stepelevich

Hegel and Stirner: Thesis and Antithesis by Lawrence Stepelevich

The Revival of Max Stirner by Lawrence Stepelevich

Max Stirner and Ludwig Feuerbach by Lawrence Stepelevich

Young Hegelianism: A Bibliography Of General Studies, 1930 To Present [1976]  by Lawrence Stepelevich

The text below is from old sites such as the Egoist Archive or We are keeping these lists because much of the material is in disorder, and it gives us an easy method of looking for specific things and moving them up to the top of the page when found and put back online.

Stanford Encyclopaedia entry on Stirner by David Leopold

The Essence Of Christianity In Relation To The Ego And Its Own, by Ludwig Feuerbach, Translated by Frederick M. Gordon.

The Debate Between Feuerbach and Stirner: An Introduction, by Frederick M. Gordon.

The German Ideology- A reaction to The Ego and Its Own by the Feuerbachians and ideological authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This work contains a 500-page ad hominem barrage against 'St. Max'. Though mostly ludicrous, this document has historical importance.

Eugene Dietzgens more modern Marxist critique of Stirner.

Herr Helms and Herr Stirner: A Critique of Hans G. Helms "The Ideology of the Anonymous Society" by Kurt Zube.

Max Stirner (1806-1856) by Andrew Carlson. The text comprises Chapter II of Andrew Carlson's, Anarchism In Germany: The Early Movement.

Book Review: All things are nothing to me. The following is a review of a Rebel Press edition of Max Stirner's The Ego and Its Own published in the 10 October 1981 issue of Freedom.

Contemporary Commentaries on Stirner

  • The German Ideology: Critique of Modern German Philosophy According to Its Representatives Feuerbach, B. Bauer and Stirner, and of German Socialism According to Its Various Prophets by Marx and Engels.
  • Engel's letter to Marx Nov., 19, 1844, on his reading of Der Einzige, and his generally favorable impression.
  • Engel's letter to Marx Jan., 20, 1844, agreeing with the unfortunately now missing reply of Marx to Engel's previous letter.
  • The Essence Of Christianity In Relation To The Ego And Its Own, by Ludwig Feuerbach, translated by Frederick M. Gordon
  • On Stirner and Seliga, by Edgar Bauer, translated by Lawrence Stepelevich.

Commentaries on Stirner and other Hegelians

  • The Debate Between Feuerbach and Stirner: An Introduction, by Frederick M. Gordon

Miscellaneous Commentaries on Stirner

  • Stirner et Nietzsche by Albert Levy, 1914. Contains Nietzche's borrowing record at the library of the Univerity of Bale.
  • Laissez Faire Books Ad for The Ego on Tape
  • 'Individualism' in the Mid-Nineteenth Century", by Koenrad W. Swart, reviewed by David Westling