Quotes | Seklew

Following quotes all from The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew (Chicago: Dil Pickle Press 1927)

All Life is selfish; all Reform is selfish; all Politics is selfish; all War is selfish; all Business is selfish; all ought is selfish; all Action is selfish; All is selfish, and selfishness is rampant with and without reason throughout the world.

Selfishness is necessary to preserve one’s self;
Vanity is necessary to assert one’s self;
And hate is necessary to protect one’s self from one’s enemies.

Love based on ignorance is like unbridled selfishness, a calamity and a curse to all that come in contact with its force. Love sanitized by reason, and selfishness enlightened by experiments and experience, will eradicate ignorance in time; and make wisdom welcome for all time.

Love is selfishness satis ed for a short time. It is the propagation of passion, or passion in pain, striving for peace again.

Why does evil exist in the world? Because everyone is born ignorant, and very few of mankind escape from this curse until they are old enough to die. Before the Enlightened Ego can transfer his wisdom to his fellowmen in sufficient numbers to dominate the prevailing ignorance, a new generation of ignorant Egos comes upon the scene to swamp the effort of the reformers and to perpetuate the conditions where ignorance is ever in the ascendant.

All so-called acts of self-denial are really attempts to attain self-realization. To live up to one’s own standard of morality, or code of honor, is the aim of the Ego; regardless of the fact that such action is founded on a selfish basis. His motive is self-approval.

Egoism is sanity. Egoism is not merely an idea; it is as fact, the force of a man untrammeled by superstition. It may be more or less generous or ungenerous; thus it may be called selfish or unselfish in common speech. He may be more or less impulsive, more or less deliberate and reflecting. He may so feel and act as to be called very dutiful; but the Egoist relation to all objects is conditioned quite differently from that of the mentally unfree man. If he cares for others it is not because he is taught that it is his “duty” – a teaching that would make restraint out of an attraction; but it is because he is built that way, and this he knows.

Selfishness governs, alike, the good and the bad individual; the wise and the wicked Ego. The good Ego may do a kind act to another; the bad individual may do an unkind act to his brother. Both work from the same motive, self-gratification, with different results. The first is noble, because it is founded on wisdom; the second is ignoble, because it is founded on ignorance. The first is the source of all good; the second the source of all evil. The first brings concord; the second stirs up discord. The first is the conduct of an enlightened Egoist; the second is the action of an ignorant Egotist. Ignorance is the great Sin; Wisdom is the only salvation from sin and evil. The secret of salvation revealed for one and all. Choose for yourself.

Egoism is the Law of the Ego.