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Marsden_GodheadThe Definition of the Godhead

by Dora Marsden
The Egoist Press, 1928, London
390 pages + Errata + Additional Errata, 8vo

UoE Notes:
The first of five planned books.

To the Great Name, hushed among us for so long, of Her, Heaven, the Mighty Mother of All. / Quo Vadis? / Beyond Rome, to the Rock of Ages, the Ark and Covenant of God, God’s Promise, the Logos, the Cross and the Crescent in One.

Marsden_MysteriesThe Mysteries of Christianity

by Dora Marsden
The Egoist Press, 1930, London
355 pages, 8vo

UoE Notes:
The second of five planned books.

With glad thankfulness for the privilege, the author here acknowledges how much, to this entire labour, has meant the great personal devotion of her dearest friend and lifelong companion, her mother.

dmtimeThe Philosophy of Time

by Dora Marsden
Hollywell Press Ltd, 1955, Oxford
34 pages, 8vo

UoE Notes:
Would that we might see the full work that this is an excerpt from.

Publisher’s Note:
These five chapters, never before published, were written several years ago by Miss Dora Marsden and formed the open chapters of a volume on Time – to be entitled Time and the Homo-centric Universe – which had reached a fairly advanced stage when a serious breakdown in health prevented its completion.


dmfreewomanv01n01The Freewoman

The Freewoman documents Dora Marsden’s transition from suffragist to suffragette and beyond.

Volume 1: Numbers 1 (November 23) through 26 (May 2) 1911
Volume 2: Numbers 27 (May 23) through 47 (October 10) 1912

Index to The Freewoman.


dmnewfreewomanv01n01The New Freewoman

The New Freewoman continues Dora Marsden’s path toward egoism.

Volume 1: Numbers 1 (June 15) through 13 (December 15) 1913

Index to The New Freewoman.





dmegoistv01n01The Egoist

The Egoist features Dora Marsden’s lengthy series “The Science of Signs.”

Volume 1: Number 1 (January 1) through 24 (December 15) 1914
Volume 2: Number 1 (January) through 12 (December) 1915
Volume 3: Number 1 (January) through 12 (December) 1916
Volume 4: Number 1 (January) through 11 (December) 1917
Volume 5: Number 1 (January) through 10 (November / December) 1918
Volume 6: Number 1 (January / February) through 5 (December) 1919

Index to The Egoist.

Additional Sources

Women as World Builders: Studies in Modern Feminism by Floyd Dell (Chicago: Forbes and Company 1913) includes information about Dora Marsden.

A Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden 1882 1960 by Les Garner is the first and only full-length bibliography of Dora Marsden.  The Union of Egoists has published a new edition of this work, with a new introduction, newly indexed and illustrated.