Little Black Cart/Ardent Press (R.I.P.) + Union of Egoists + Underworld Amusements

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Bibliographic, Book, Events, Historical Work, Housekeeping, News / Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

On December 31, 2023 the Berkeley anarchist publisher and distributor Little Black Cart / Ardent Press closed shop after many years of the project producing fascinating and challenging work, often finding it brought them at odds with many in the anarchist milieu they operated in.

After the Underworld Amusements edition of The Unique and Its Property was attacked and the translator and publisher receiving death threats and much lighter threats from that same anarchist milieu, the book was taken out of circulation, with copies fetching high-dollars on the secondary market. The book was later released in a new, and much pinker, edition by Little Black Cart. While LBC does most of their printing and binding in-house, they went big with a proper professional print run and have been selling it down since its 2018 release.

Leading up to and past the public announcement, Underworld Amusements, a long time supporter of LBC, arranged to make one last big order of books, including nearly EVERY REMAINING COPY of The Unique and Its Property, about a thousand total. After many many months we have just now taken possession of many dozens of boxes of books and pamphlets, and will be inventorying them and adding them to the website.

Further, Underworld Amusements and the Union of Egoists project will be working on NEW EDITIONS of OUR favorite LBC/ARDENT PRESS titles, to be released as we sell out of the on-hand LBC editions.

We’ve got a LOT of books and a LOT of WORK ahead. Restocked books will be on the website over the coming days and we will send out a newsletter focusing on restocked and some new titles. Please BUY BOOKS!

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