Malfew Seklew Pronounces Proletarians in Purgatory

1845-1945, Events, Malfew Seklew / Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Sirfessor Malfew Seklew takes on the Social Democratic Federation as reported in Justice Saturday for August 9, 1902.

DEBATE, Sunday, August 10, at 6.30 p.m., on “Meadows,” Edinburgh, between GEORGE DOULL (S.D.F.) and MALFEW SEKLEW (the Apostle of Atheogism), on “Why the Proletarians are in Purgatory.”



In your last issue appears a letter signed L. Vyner, Edinburgh, who expressed a wish therein that some representative of the S.D.F. might join issue in the Meadows with the “blatant egoist” named Malfew Seklew, who takes pleasure in ridiculing Social-Democracy, and take advantage of the big crowds Seklew gets to spread our principles. If I mistake not this is an attempt on the part of Seklew and his friends to draw attention to themselves and their meetings, and to get a bigger crowd by this “draw.” Readers of JUSTICE possibly might infer from Vyner’s letter that the Social-Democrats of Edinburgh had been frightened into silence by the blatant and egoistic one. Now, as a matter of fact, on the night Vyner speaks of, Malfew Seklew got as unmerciful drubbing from our comrade Doull, of the Edinburgh branch, as it was ever the fate of an Anarchist to receive at the hands of a class-conscious Socialist. I hope you will insert this and expose an attempt on the part of the Anarchists above mentioned to obtain cheap advertisement and a further draw.

Fraternally yours,



L. VINER writes: “I am grievously disappointed. After all my trouble of last week, not single S.D.F. member came out to uphold our principles in defiance of Malfew Seklew, who claims to be the apostle of Atheogism, the new religion of reason. We need a good, strong man to counteract his influence. I may say there is rumour that our local champion, Mr. Doull, will combat him at his next meeting.”

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