SA1205 | Might Is Right: 1927 Facsimile & Leaf Edition

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Book, Kevin I. Slaughter, Ragnar Redbeard, Stand Alone / Friday, August 6th, 2021

The newest issue of the mixed format journal Stand Alone is a limited edition of an egoist classic unlike any edition published before.

“He is strongest who can best stand alone” —Ibsen

Might is Right: 1927 Facsimile & Leaf Edition
Author: Ragnar Redbeard / Arthur Desmond
Introduction: Kevin I. Slaughter
Publisher: Underworld Amusements
Pages: 192 Size: 6.25×9.25″
Stand Alone SA1205

This hardback art book is a full-color facsimile of the 1927 edition of Might is Right. An original page of Might is Right, as published by the Dil Pickle Press of Chicago, has been tipped into each copy. Less than one hundred copies of this reliquary will be available, and only a portion of those made available for sale to the public.

The 1927 edition was the last edition of Might is Right to be printed in the author’s lifetime, with every detail personally overseen by Ragnar Redbeard himself. 

Tiffany Thayer, founder of the Fortean Society, referred to Ragnar Redbeard as, “The Nietzsche of Chicago, the Max Stirner of Evanston.” Whether Arthur Desmond—the man behind the mask—lived up to those comparisons is a matter of debate, as his life’s story is still revealing itself more than a century later. What we can say for certain, is that the brutal nature of Ragnar Redbeard’s magnum opus will inspire and disgust anyone who dares read it.

Available exclusively from Underworld Amusements

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