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1845-1945, 1946-Today, Events, Journals / Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

“Every ego is from birth a criminal” – Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own.

The Union of Egoists was announced April 1st, 2016 with the release of an eBook edition of Protagoras. Nietzsche. Stirner.: Expositors of Egoism. is not an organization. We do not hold public meetings and you cannot join. But we have socialized our selfishness with public events, journals, books and more.

The Union of Egoists produces new work, both online and in print. Today, as a thank you to our readers for four years of support, we make available a rare item of interest to the history of egoism. And for those new to the Union of Egoists, step forward to review our years of accomplishment. For one and all, behold our bold steps into the hidden history of egoism in print from 1845 to 1945, illuminating torch in hand!  The reference works and original research we wanted did not exist, therefore we had to create them.

In March we released Trevor Blake’s incredible work of scholarship, Dora Marsden Bibliography. Weighing in at 318 pages, it includes every known item Dora published, including every item from her journals. The book includes a few commentaries and more. An exhaustive work critical for any study of her works – and the works of James Joyce, Ezra Pound and the other titans of literature first published in journals edited and founded by Dora Marsden.

In February we released a book by a different female eccentric, Bernie Babcock: With Claw and Fang: A Fact Story in a Chicago Setting. We could have never envisioned we would be printing the work of a prohibitionist. We could not have envisioned we would be printing the work of a female anti-anarchist prohibitionist who plagiarized Ragnar Redbeard!  The history of egoism is where it is found, not where it is expected.  Who would have thought that the great champions to-date of the thrice-damned book Might is Right has been… The Industrial Workers of the World?

A third book by a fascinating female has flown from our hands: The Boy of Bethlehem. This was the only book written by Adele Mary “Bio” Terrill DeCasseres, wife of Benjamin DeCasseres.

Between April 1st and April 5th, 2020, if you have an Amazon account, you may download a free copy of Protagoras. Nietzsche. Stirner.: Expositors of Egoism (Stand Alone Book 1090). This is an excellent introduction to egoist thought from German individualist anarchist Benedict Lachmann. Lachmann was lost to the German holocaust, and this book in translation was lost for a third of a century – to be saved quite literally at the last moment by the Union of Egoists.  It is the first of the Stand Alone (2016) series to be converted into eBook format, but won’t be the last.

Der Geist issue number three was just recently released and is another significant compendium of new and historical materials. We’ve already begun the process of assembling issue four!

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