SA1120 | Max Stirner Versus Karl Marx | Philip Breed Dematteis

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Book, Max Stirner, Stand Alone / Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Max Stirner Versus Karl Marx:
Individuality and the Social Organism
Philip Breed Dematteis
6 x 9″, 190 pages, perfect bound

Available from,, or Underworld Amusements

The Union of Egoists is very pleased to release this new, authorized edition. Individuality And The Social Organism: The Controversy Between Max Stirner Versus Karl Marx was originally a doctoral dissertation in 1972, and later published by Revisionist Press in 1976. This newly typeset and retitled edition is published as part of the Stand Alone (2016) journal project. Mr. Dematteis has provided a new preface reflecting on his work from 50 years ago.

Karl Marx and Max Stirner sought to overcome their mentor Georg Hegel in opposing ways, and by opposing each other. In Max Stirner Versus Karl Marx, Philip Breed Dematteis constructs an accessible while scholarly contrast to their conflicts.While this isn’t the “last word” on such a far-reaching subject, it can serve as a strong “first word” for those new to the ideas of these great figures of the philosophical and political history of the West.

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