SA1107 | Anarchism and Individualism | E. Armand

E. Armand, Sidney E. Parker, Stand Alone / Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Anarchism and Individualism
by E. Armand
edited by Sidney E. Parker
16 pages, saddle-stitched, self-cover
Stand Alone SA1107

Available at Underworld Amusements

This booklet, released by the Sidney E. Parker Archives and the Union of Egoists as part of the Stand Alone series, is a reproduction of one published by Mr. Parker in 1962.

Publishers Note
Our Kind of Individualist
Anarchist Individualism as Life and Activity
The Future Society

In a 1993 interview, Sid gave some background on it:
“…I became more and more interested in what was called individualist anarchism. I then read Max Stirner because I thought he was identified with that school—wrongly I think now, but that was the case then—and I got in touch with Armand, the French individualist anarchist, and he ‘charged’ me to ‘reanimate the individualist anarchist movement in all the countries of the English language’, which I tried to do… I published some of his pieces in English translation… I issued two as leaflets, one while he was still alive; then I got together, after he died, three of his essays, already in English, had them printed by Express Printers, and brought them out as a pamphlet called Anarchism and Individualism.”

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