Three You Cannot Afford to Do Without

John Basil Barnhill, Malfew Seklew, The Eagle and The Serpent / Wednesday, February 13th, 2019
Three identical advertisements for The Eagle and the Serpent from three different periodicals. The address 26 Clovelly Mansions was used by The Eagle and the Serpent Volume 2 Number 5 (September 1902), edited by John Erwin McCall and Malfew Seklew. It was also the address of J. B. Barnhill and for Sophie Leppel. – Trevor Blake

Revue franco-allemande / Deutsch-franzosische Rundschau by M. Henry / F. A. Lattmann (Berlin).

Number 53 (May 1901)
Number 54 (June 1901)
Number 56 (August 1901)
Number 57 (September 1901)

Now by Henry Harrison Brown (San Francisco).

Volume II Number 1 (March 1901)

Freedom by Helen Wilmans (Sea Breeze).

Volume VIII Number 44 (April 17 1901)
Volume VIII Number 45 (April 24 1901)
Volume VIII Number 48 (May 1901)

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