SA1085 | Liberty Tables of Content | John Zube

1845-1945, Benjamin R. Tucker, Bibliographic, Book, Clarence Lee Swartz, James L. Walker, Liberty, Stand Alone, Steven T. Byington / Monday, November 5th, 2018

26th issue of the egoist journal “Stand Alone”.
Liberty Tables of Content
by John Zube
80 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, coil bound
Limited to 10 copies.

Available from Underworld Amusements

Nearly 40 years ago panarchy advocate John Zube put every of copy of Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty journal on microfiche as part of his Peace Plans project, and made them available for very little money. You can find out more about his project at

In preparation of the microfiche he created a Table of Content for each issue to assist with readers of his Peace Plans,something I’m not aware of existing elsewhere. The tables, noting author, title and pages number for each issue of Liberty and the German-language Libertas, run seventy-seven pages. Unfortunately, his amazingly interesting and useful work has only been seen by a small number of people who bought his microfiched collected edition of Liberty.

For personal reference, I scanned and prepared this print edition, but am printing a small run of ten total, to make available to others who may be interested. It is flawed. Some of the text is marred, but he majority of it is legible and the issue numbers listed allows you to quickly access the information you want. At some point Union Of Egoists would like to transcribe this and make it available online and in print in a better presentation, but personal need moved me to produce a “good enough for now” version.
I have preserved Zube’s two page “Editorial Notes” he included at the end of his contents, written in December of 1980.

—Kevin I. Slaughter
April 1st, 2018

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