Sirfessor “A Commanding Personality”

1845-1945, Malfew Seklew, Trevor Blake / Wednesday, October 17th, 2018
“New York Day by Day” is an anonymous article from the Reading Times (Pennsylvania) Volume 74 Number 264 (January 2, 1934) page 4. The final sentence in this excerpt makes a unique accusation against Sirfessor Malfew Seklew. – Trevor Blake

Of course there’s a good deal of substance to the old bromide about newspapermen meeting a lot of interesting people. A lot of highly unusual people, too, with novel missions in life. There is Mr. F. M. Wilkesbarr, for example, who goes about lecturing on neo-determinism. A commanding personality, he announces that he is from the Institute of Supermanity, England, and is president of the Society of Social Supercrats. He tells people that “the molecule of mirth has set out to murder the microbe of misery, while the memboid of energy gazes upon the sightly scene with ecstasy and eclat.” Mr. Wilkesbarr does very well, financially, with his lecturing.

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