SA1083 – Announcing “The New En Marge: The Occasional Newsletter of the Sidney E. Parker Archives”

1946-Today, Sidney E. Parker, The New En Marge / Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The Sidney E. Parker Archives announces it has released the first issue of its official newsletter: The New En Marge, a journal that is part of the Stand Alone (2016) series. This annual 16 page newsletter will publish photos and facsimiles of items from the life and work of Sidney E. Parker. The contents are not to be revealed online.

There are only two ways to obtain The New En Marge:

1. Become a supporter of the Union of Egoists project at $9.99 per month or more on Patreon.

2. Send $2 US cash* and a mailing address to:
Union of Egoists
attn: En Marge
444 Maryland Ave. #7940
Essex, MD 21221

*Intl. customers please inquire.

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