Malfew Seklew and Nietzsche Again!

1845-1945, Malfew Seklew, Ragnar Redbeard, Trevor Blake / Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
In this remarkable letter to the editor in The Truth Seeker Volume 45 Number 49 (December 7 1918) page 773, Malfew Seklew makes reference to the 1904 poem “Poland” by Thomas Campbell.

Trevor Blake is the author of Confessions of a Failed Egoist.

Nietzsche Again!

To the Editor of The Truth Seeker:

I am enclosing you a clipping from a London radical Journal (Redbeard’s Review). It is very evidently the article on Nietzsche which has made Mr. C. F. Hunt, Chicago, so awfully mad.

Nietzsche, I may be allowed to point out, was of Polish blood and Polish descent. He was the same breed and race as Kosciusko. Campbell, the poet says: “And freedom shrieked as Kosciusko fell.”

Nietzsche family were all strongly involved in libertarian ideas. They were driven out of Poland by intolerant Catholics because they upheld the Freethinkers of private judgment in religious matters. Furthermore, Friedrich Nietzsche in his writings (all translated into English) destroyed German imperialism more fiercely than any American editor has ever done. Nietzsche is very much misunderstood. I think if Mr. C. F. Hunt would read Nietzsche it would do him good. Nietzsche was an excellent Freethinker, an atheist, and goes far beyond Palmer, Ingersoll or Voltaire, in his ferocious assaults upon Christianity, its advocates and its defenders. His Anti-Christ is splendid. In my opinion the article to which I allude is in no sense whatever pro-German. Might I also point out to Mr. Hunt that all good Americans profit substantially by the wars of the past. These wars (waged for hundreds of years against French, English, Spaniards, Indian, and Americans) have given us the lands to which we are now erecting our glorious democracy.

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