Two years of Stand Alone (2016)

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Bibliographic, Stand Alone / Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The Stand Alone (2016) journal is mixed medium and format journal produced at irregular intervals. The focus is Egoism and the individuals associated with it. Produced by the Union Of Egoists, but individual issues published by different sources. It was intended to be a quarterly but nineteen issues have been released since the first in May of 2018. While many of the individual issues are available for sale, a few have sold out, including the most recent issue, a hardback book containing a lost interview with outsider Kerry Thornley.

While the series focuses on egoism, some of the titles only have a cultural overlap. A recent example is the witty and sharp The Cynic’s Breviary. Nicolas Chamfort was quoted by the journal The Eagle and The Serpent (1898), but the material was published in the mid-18th century, nearly a hundred years before Stirner’s book was written and Egoism as a specific worldview had its first articulation.

SA1068 | The Absolute Elsewhere | Kerry Wendall Thornley (OUT OF PRINT)

SA1065 | The Cynic’s Breviary | Nicolas Chamfort (UA)

SA1060 | What is Man’s Destiny? | Laurance Labadie & Mark A. Sullivan (UA)

SA1055 | Max Stirner’s Egoism and Nihilism | Larry Alan Schiereck (AMZN / UA)

SA1050 | The Eagle and The Serpent Vol. 2 No. 5 (UA)

SA1035 | The Walford-Parker Exchange (UA)

SA1033 | The Right to Ignore the State | Herbert Spencer (UA)

SA1030 | A Critique of Anarchist Communism | Ken Knudson (AMZN / UA)

SA1029 | Podcast “Benjamin DeCasseres, Sidney E. Parker, Voltairine de Cleyre” (FREE)

SA1027 | “I” Vol. 1 No. 1 | C.L. Swartz (OUT OF PRINT)

SA1025 | Benjamin DeCasseres Ephemera (UA)


SA1023 | Egoism: The First Two Volumes 1890-1892 (AMZN / UA)

SA1020 | Philosophy of Time | Dora Marsden (AMZN)

SA1019 | Max Stirner/Roots of the Right (UA)

SA1017 | Sidney E. Parker 1993 Interview. (UA)

SA1015 | The Eagle and the Serpent Index of Names | Trevor Blake (UA)

SA1010 | The Martyrdom of Percy Whitcomb | Erwin McCall (“Volcano”) (UA)
SA1005 | For Love and Money | Leighton Pagan (UA)

SA1000 | EN MARGE No. 1 | S.E.Parker (OUT OF PRINT)

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