Bibliography of the Libertarian Book Club

1946-Today, Bibliographic / Friday, April 20th, 2018
This is a very rough bibliography, published for comment and correction. I think the New York organization was important enough I’d like to see an authoritative bibliography worked out. If you have additional or contradictory information, please do get in touch.

Nineteen-seventeen: the Russian Revolution Betrayed
by Voline [pseud.] Translated by Holley Cantine. Introd. by Rudolf Rocker.
269 pages

The Unknown Revolution: Kronstadt 1921, Ukraine 1918-21
By Vsevolod Mikhailovich Eichenbaum
270 pages

Men Against the State
By James Joseph Martin

Anarchism: Exponents of the Anarchist Philosophy
By Paul Eltzbacher
272 pages

Emma Goldman: Biographical Sketch
By Charles Allan Madison
booklet, 29 pages
“Reprinted from Critics and crusaders, by Charles A. Madison”–Verso of t.p.

The Ego and His Own
by Max Stirner

Freedom: My Dream
By Enrico Arrigoni

The First Mayday: the Haymarket Speeches, 1895-1910
by Voltairine De Cleyre ; with an introduction, notes, and bibliography by Paul Avrich.
Published 1980 by Cienfuegos Press, Libertarian Book Club in Sanday, Orkney, New York, N.Y .
53 pages

Adventures in the Country of the Monoliths, or, The Country Where Liberty Has Been Buried.
by Enrico Arrigoni

*it is unclear to me who published Freedom: My Dream. Little Black Cart/Ardent Press claims it was the Libertarian Book Club, but my research shows that not only did Robert E. Sagehorn print an edition of it at the Western World Press, he wrote an introduction that Arrigoni declined to include. I have not personally seen a copy of the original book, and have been making inquiries.

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