Georgia Replogle’s letter to Max Nettlau

1845-1945, Egoism / Monday, November 27th, 2017

Georgia Replogle, publisher of the journal Egoism (1890) with her husband Henry, sent the following letter to Max Heinrich Hermann Reinhardt Nettlau (1865-1944) while he was living in London on February 4th, 1897. It was during this time that Nettlau was meeting William Morris, Errico Malatesta and Peter Kropotkin. The letter is care of the “Max Nettlau Papers“, part of the International Institute of Social History.

Unfortunately the content of the letter is one of the business of journals right up until the last line, one assumes in response to an offer:

“We could make no use of the Anarchist-Communist literature, as our patrons are minus the Communism.”

Because of the mundane nature of the rest of the letter, we’ll leave it untranscribed, but still legible below:

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