Looking for reviewers of egoist / individualist titles.

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Bibliographic, Book, Der Geist, News / Friday, November 17th, 2017

Der Geist/Union Of Egoists would like some reviews of the various books and booklets dealing with the themes or history of egoism and individualist anarchism. If you were interested in writing a few words about any of the following titles, positive or critical, for possible publication in Der Geist, the journal or on the blog.

Contact us via facebook or twitter or email: editor at union of egoists dot com

Looking for book reviews of the following titles, (though are open to any related to the subjects):

Tsuji Jun by Erana Jae Taylor
Above the Arch by Renzo Novatore
Enemy Combatant Booklets/Books/etc.
Stand Alone Booklets/Books/etc.
Max Stirner’s Political Spectrography by Fabián Ludueña
Autarchies by David Ashford
The Gospel of Malfew Seklew and Other Writings… by Fred Wilkes
The Debates of Liberty by Wendy McElroy
Attack the System by Keith Preston
Individualism in the United States by Stephanie M. Walls
Break-Out from the Crystal Palace by John Carroll

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