The case of the missing “h” and the Orthographische Konferenz von 1901

1845-1945, Bibliographic, Historical Work, Max Stirner / Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

What does the “Orthographische Konferenz von 1901” have to do with Egoism? First, let wikipedia tell you what it was:

At the Orthographic Conference of 1901 in Berlin (also known as the Second Orthographic Conference ), a common German orthography of all the German – speaking countries was established, which was largely based on Prussian orthography, but also included proposals from the Orthographic Conference of 1876 , Prussia had not yet been taken over.

The standardized German spelling was used uniformly in the German-speaking countries (Lands of the German Reich, Austria, Switzerland) with minor changes (apart from the ß , which in Switzerland in the Antiqua could never get through and from 1934 at the schools also no more Has been taught). The double and triple forms still available after the conference were removed in different house orthographies, in particular by the book printing of 1903. Shortly after the conference, several deficiencies were complained and further reform requirements were seen which were only very sparingly accepted.

Now you will understand why this:

became this:

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