SA1025 | Benjamin DeCasseres Ephemera

1845-1945, 1946-Today, Benjamin DeCasseres, Stand Alone / Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Stand Alone | SA1025 | May, 2017
Subtitle/Theme: Benjamin DeCasseres Ephemera
Published by: Union of Egoists/Underworld Amusements

Limited edition, 66 copies. Five rare booklets in facsimile edition, all featuring Benjamin DeCasseres. Available from Underworld Amusements.

Clark Ashton Smith: Emperor of Shadows (circa 1923)
From Olympus to Independence Hall (1935)
I Am Private Enterprise (circa 1943)
Sex in Inhibitia (1925)
What is a Doodle-Goof? (1926)

Stand Alone is mixed medium and format journal produced at irregular intervals. The focus is Egoism and the individuals associated with it.

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