1845-1945, Malfew Seklew / Monday, January 9th, 2017

This article about Malfew Sklew and pals appeared in the Chicago Daily Tribune  on March 9th, 1918.

Over at 213 West Oak street last night gathered a clan under a new banner. It was the housewarming of “The Superite Coffee Tavern,” where, according to its founder, Sirfessor F.M. Wilkesbarre, the nimble witted can walk the intellectual slack wire, indulge in tea and talk, cake and conversation, and other forms of mental acrobatics.
” It is my hope that this place may become the hub of intellectual hubbub.” the Sirfessor announced. “It is to be a thought foundry when we can good naturedly destroy each other’s illusions and learn to speak a new language. Some day you who laugh at me will laugh with me, when you learn what its all about. I personally have added forty words to the English language and can use 2,000 others that are not comprehensible to the average intellect. I think a lot of myself. I am the most interesting man I ever met.”
Dr. Ben Reitman contributed an encomium in behalf of the members of the Dill Pickle club. There was a sprinkling of Socialists. anarchists, and nihilists. All, including a grandmother who smokes cigarets, admitted they are super men and women.


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