Benjamin DeCasseres, Voltairine de Cleyre and Eugene V. Debs fight for Emma Goldman

1845-1945, Benjamin DeCasseres / Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Wikipedia: “At various times DeCasseres defended free speech. In 1909, he signed onto a petition calling out the police departments of New York City, Brooklyn, Yonkers and East Orange for their respective activities in preventing anarchist Emma Goldman from speaking in those cities.”

A 28 page book was published titled  The Suppression of free speech in New York and in New Jersey : being a true account by eye witnesses of law-breaking by the Police Department of New York City, at Lexington Hall, on May 23, 1909, by the City Authorities of East Orange, at English’s Hall, on June 8, 1909. 

On the last page is a declaration signed by many figures, and a few of interest to the UoE project, specifically including Benjamin DeCasseres and Voltairine de Cleyre.

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